Episode 3: Internet and Copyright

Apologies for the absence, but with the SOPA vote this month, we definitely had to talk about copyright. We’re not copyright lawyers, but what’s interesting to us is how people think about copyright now, and the mere fact that copyright is something we’re all thinking about now, both as users and as content creators.
  • Goals!
    • Get the podcast on itunes!
    • Set up a Facebook page for the podcast
    • Be more committed to our production schedule
  • Icebreaker: What’s your favourite website?
  • Internet and Copyright
    • In academia, copyright is thought of in terms of Academic Integrity.
    • Everyone has licensing now, even your Youtube or Flickr account. Educated Imagination is shared under the Creative Commons License.
    • A lot of works of literature outside of copyright can be found at Project Gutenberg.
    • Videogame piracy is rising, but we don’t do it. Anymore.
    • The reason we don’t? Steam. All the games we wanted, legally, on the cheap, and with a community of other gamers.
    • SOPA. ‘Nuff said.