Episode 6: The Guitar

This month we’ve got something a little lighter for you and we take a look at the guitar. Its history, its effect on western culture, and the guitar not just as an object, but as an idea. Also, welcome our new host, Joy! She swims well, and does not sink.

Before that though, a note. We’re part of the organizing team for Headshots from the Heart, a fundraiser for Child’s Play, which donates toys and video games to children’s hospitals around the world. On May 26th, four people will play Borderlands for twenty-four hours straight on a live webcast, with auctions, interviews, and giveaways. Find out more at headshotsmarathon.org, and tune in on the day for a great show.

  • Icebreaker: Who is your favourite guitarist, or what is your favourite guitar solo?
    • Dan: Eugene Hütz from Gogol Bordello, and the Clapton/Robertson duet from the Last Waltz.
    • Jim: His old upstairs neighbor, Colin.
    • Joy: Doesn’t have one, and enjoys things in spite of their solos, rather than because of them.
  • The Idea of the Guitar
    • It Might Get Loud, where the Edge, Jack White, and Jimmy Page discuss the electric guitar.

Thanks for listening!