Episode 4: Influence

Wishing you a happy leap year, we’re back and talking about influence. What is it? How do we think about it, both in we’re influenced and how we influence others? But first, an update on our goals from last month.

  • Icebreaker: What is the novel which influenced you the most?
    • Jim: Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli. The story of a boy who wasn’t what he seemed.
    • Dan: The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. The story of an architect.
  • A new section, the Games We Play, where we discuss a game which has captured our fancy (and free time) and how it relates to our topic.
  • Ourselves as influencers, in social media (particularly with Klout), as co-workers, parents, teachers, and role models.
  • Influencing in relationships, and what we’re teaching kids…About Santa Claus.
  • Shoutouts! (We each get one dead person)
    • Marcus Aurelius, author of the Meditations.
    • Shannon Dea, half the reason Jim finished his degree.
    • Stephen Hawking, nearly all of the reason Jim gets out of bed.
    • Richard Feynman, physicist extraordinare, the dead guy currently influencing Dan
    • Dan’s mum
    • Mr. Payette, one of Dan’s teachers
    • Jim, who is also the host of a rockin’ podcast.

Remember, influence has no escape velocity.

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